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How to teach your child to brush their teeth 

According to recent research, more young children are having few or no cavities, compared to thirty years ago. Parents and dental companies have done a great job at taking care of their children’s teeth – and so have the children themselves. This is not a reason to rest on one’s laurels, though.  Even if people’s […]

Big increase in household violence because of Covid-19 lockdowns

Women across the world who experience domestic violence are now at more risk than ever. With the quarantine rules in place and nowhere to hide from their abusive spouses, some countries have seen a tripling in the number of reports sent in about violence in the household. But it’s not only the women who suffer; […]

How does disability affect children’s mental health?

In this article, we look at how a disability affects children’s mental health. We also provide some simple steps that anyone can take to make life a bit better for these children and yourself as a parent. We had some professional input from the most prominent online psychologist service in Norway, onlinepsykologene.no, to give the […]

Welcome to the FAST Project!

PACER’s National FAST (Family Advocacy and Support Training) Project will provide family support leadership training to families of children with disabilities in fifty states and territories. A primary emphasis will be reaching underserved families from all geographic regions.

Types of special education programs

Special education is a term that is used to define the mode of education for the students suffering from individual differences and that demand special needs to understand basic concepts. Ideally, it involves a methodically planned teaching procedure, special equipment and materials to impart the best knowledge to students suffering from disabilities — either mentally […]